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Confessions of a Phone Sex Girl

I told myself I would never do this… But then I have done a lot of things in the last few months that I never dreamed that I’d do. I just turned eighteen. “Barely Legal” as you pervs like to call it. I told myself that my thoughts, my fantasies were too dark, too private to share with the whole frickin’ world, but here I am spilling my guts like some drunk high school girl blabbing her secrets to her best friend.

I am a phone sex operator. I have only been doing it for a few months. Yea, that was one of the things I told myself I would never do, buy hey, it is not as risqué as stripping is it? A girl has gotta make a living, and I can’t do it working for minimum wage at some place that gives my lousy hours, doing a job I fucking hate. So I started doing the phone sex thing. The money is not great yet ‘cause I still have not built up a clientele that knows just how imaginative I am. I am GOOD at this job… Really, really GOOD… At first I hated it. I have lived a pretty sheltered life. I was actually a VIRGIN until not too long ago. Yea, RIGHT? How weird and sheltered is that in the 21st century?

Most of my slutty girlfriends had given it up before we were out of junior high. When I first started doing the phone sex thing, it actually surprised me some of the stuff that started coming out of my mouth. I was like FUCK! Where did THAT come from??? Well, like I said, most of my girlfriends are sluts and they have always talked like sluts around me. Partly to brag about the shit they have done and partly ‘cause they know I have always been the “good girl” in the group and they like to shock me.

I will be honest with you; at first doing phone sex really bothered me. It just creeped me out. I never imagined the shit guys fantasize about. Oh-my-gawd! I was like, “For real? You want me to pretend I am doing THAT???” I was about ready to quit. I just could not handle living in this sexual bizarre-o world. But then my girlfriend who got me into doing phone sex, (yes… she was the one who took my virginity also) she told me how she got “into the work” when she first started doing it. She said that she got a vibrator and she started using it on herself when she was working. Yes, I know, I know. That is the sort of shit phone sex girls ALWAYS tell their clients on the phone.

Oh baby! You are getting me soooo hot. Yea, I am masturbating right now. I have my dildo stuck so far up inside of me. It feels so fuckin’ good in my tight little snatch. I just wish it was YOU!

Do the guys really believe that? I think it must be what they call “suspension of disbelief” like when you go to a movie. You know you are seeing things that are not real. You know you are being blatantly lied to, but it is entertaining you and it feels good so you just go with it.

Well, my girlfriend told me actually masturbating while you are doing phone sex is the key to making good money and actually learning to enjoy your work. I told her she was full of shit. I was not one of her clients who would willingly buy into her sales pitch. Then she had me watch her work. I observed as she took a few calls. The callers were into stuff I know for a fact does not turn her on. And of course they were probably fat, ugly old men. It could not possibly be pleasurable for her to talk to these guys. She had explained to me that guys are not as dumb as you would think. They can tell if you are distracted or disinterested or grossed out by what they are saying, or by what they are asking you to say. They CAN TELL and they often won’t call back if you are not really into what they are asking for. Lets face it, most phone sex operators are not really into what the caller wants. Some are good actresses and are good at faking it. That kind of girl does ok doing phone sex, but my girlfriend, SHE is making more money than a lawyer doing this shit, So I was inclined to listen to her when she offered up the secret to her success.

Anyway, I watched her work. She is a fucking “Method Actress” par excellence. As she talked to the old perv that pays her a hundred bucks a week to moan, I watched her actually do a lot of the things she told him she was doing. To start with, she had her bedroom like she was ready for her groom on her honeymoon. She had vanilla scented candles illuminating the room, she was actually wearing some really sexy lingerie and she really had a big hot pink vibrator that she was ready to use on herself. As she started talking to the guy, she started teasing the lips of her pussy with the tip of the dildo. She carefully slid it underneath the sheer fabric of her panties and began to caress herself with it. She locked her eyes into mine as she worked. I was just going nuts.

I sat mesmerized as she allowed herself to be sucked into a fantasy that she had previously cared nothing about. Like any good method actress, she allowed herself to actually become someone else. It did not matter who the guy on the other end of the call was. It did not matter how old he was, how ugly he was, or how deeply, DEEPLY mentally ill he was. She surrendered herself to the fantasy. She pictured him in her mind as whomever she needed him to be to get that mind-melting sexual excitement that can be clearly and genuinely heard in her voice. I watched, as she talked dirty to this guy. I watched as she slowly accelerated the rhythm as the vibrator plunged deeper and deeper into her womanhood. Her breathing transformed into a nervous pant. Her lips (both sets) began to engorge with blood in a clear display of genuine sexual arousal.

As she told this guy what she wanted him to do to her with his cock, she simulated the action on herself. Her eyes rolled back into her head like a creature possessed as she neared climax. By now, hers gasps of pleasure had become short and spasmodic. A thin trail of drool dripped off her pouty lips as she CAME. I have faked my share of orgasms. I know one when I see one, and this was no fake. I was overcome by surprise over the genuine nature of her experience. I was also a little bit jealous. I wanted to CUM like that too. Until she orgasmed, I was not consciously aware that my own hand had dropped down to my crotch as I watched her performance. She hung up the phone and playfully took a bow in my direction with an evil giggle. Without a word, I pounced on her and rubbed my pussy all over every square inch of her body till I had a mind-bending orgasm of my own.

She coached me as I took calls for the next few weeks. She would use the vibrator on me or rub her pussy on mine as I took calls. She knew what she was talking about. Guys really can sense real sexual excitement in a woman’s voice. I started getting more and more callbacks. I started making it a point to bring myself to orgasm with every caller. In time I started actually getting more and more into what the guys were saying to me. I was starting to share in their fantasies, even if it was just for the duration of the call. This is where things get weird…

I was hoping to be a psychology major in college and I had read a lot in the field. I should have realized what I was doing to myself. They call it conditioning a “Pavlovian Response”. It did not dawn on me till too late that I was programing myself with “Positive Reinforcement” to actually LIKE phone sex with strangers. A phone call equals an orgasm. Now that I am really HAVING orgasms on the phone, I am making more money. Phone sex equals money. Phone sex equals a throbbing, blood engorged pussy… I have learned to LOVE my job, and I look forward to getting better and better at it. But what bothers me is that I am really starting to think about really doing some of the things I have been asked to pretend to do… That kinda SCARES me! I am not sure how this is all going to end. The prospect of making the same kind of money right out of high school as I might be able to make with a masters degree is pretty motivating. What were the lyrics from that old Glen Frey song? “The lure of easy money has a very strong appeal”. Damn straight! I am just a little concerned that I am really turning myself into an oversexed little slut doing this job.

Well, that is just some random thoughts I have been having, if any of you Internet voyeurs care to know about it… I just felt the need to share what I have been going through lately. That’s all for now. Stay tuned to see how far down the rabbit hole I fall.

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