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I Will Play Dress Up For You......!!!

I am standing in front of you right now in my pretty red lace corset and red leather mini skirt with red patent Louis Vuitton shoes. I know your favorite color is red,right? You look at me with those big brown eyes and I look right back at you and I turn around and stick my but out and twerk a little and bend over and let you see the just of my beautiful body and my curves. Now you really are getting a good view of the curves of my body. A body like mine does not even need a corset, I just wear one for the hell of it, it feels so good to have something hold me so tight it restricts the air in my lungs which I love its hot it makes me feel light headed. I know some woman don't like that feeling, but I do I love it. I stand up and turn around and look up at you and I slowly begin to take off my corset by grabbing the front hooks that go down the front of the corset in the middle. You get so excited looking at me and you know what is going to come next. You know you want to see those big bouncing breasts of mine, but I make you wait and I hold them up with my hands and I turn around and bend over as I am completely naked and I want you to enjoy the view from behind as well as the front of my georgous body. You are so overtaken by my body that you take a seat on the couch. You figure I am worth your time so you calm down and realize that I and my body is under your control. I turn back around and whip my hair at the same time and give in to my own power as a woman and do a split on the floor and take my hands off my breast and raise my hands above my head and put both of my hands above my head as high as I can and I tell you to look at the beautiful woman in whom you are about to fuck. Your cock is so hard it is about to turn blue. I run over to you and begin to give you a blow job. CALL ME BABY LET'S GET THE FUN STARTED. I WANT TO CUM AS BAD AS YOU DO. AS WE ARE MAKING LOVE I'LL CHANGE INTO ALL THE OUTFITS YOU WANT ME TO BABY!!! I HAVE OVER 450 LINGERIE OUTFITS.