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I Want To Smoke A Puffy With You Baby!!!

Hey baby I am a sexy black female that loves to smoke her Newport's, Marlboro's, and Capri's. I love the sensual and smokey taste of a cigarette in my mouth. I hate when people say no smoking or get out of here, put out that cigarette. You know what I tell them, shut up and let me smoke my cig. I don't care what these people say and what their rules are, I have my own rules and I follow what I say and do what I want. That is why I only go where I know I and my rules are welcomed. I don't just go anywhere, I make sure I know where the break rooms are and where I can and can not smoke. Yes, I am one of those people that bitch about shit that I do not like. And one of those things that I do not like is when people tell me where I can not smoke. I want to smoke when and where I want. That is my fetish smoking and blowing smoke in someone's face. I love how they squinch and get upset when that hot smoke goes all up their nose and down their throat and makes them cough. It cracks me the hell up, especially when they are a non-smoker. Calling me baby is going to be a blast you will enjoy every second on the phone with me baby. Tell me to get a cigarette and tell me to take a puff and you will see how sweet the smoke is when I blow it. I will blow it and it will entice you and get you so fucking hot that you will be ready to ass fuck me and tell me to turn around and put my face in the pillow and put my ass in the air. I would love you to fuck me while I put my ass in the air and puff on a Menthol Newport cigarette. Now when you think of sexy that is exactly what you think of. Of course me included with my sexy hair cascading down my back and my ass squirting all over that huge mushroom headed cock going in and out of my bright pink liped pussy as you make me moan in between those thrusts of that huge cock of yours. I try to look back as you grab my hair and wrap it twice around your hand and pull and go deeper into my pussy. Now I know you mean business as I push back on you with all my weight and moan loud and take another puff of my Newport cigarette. You are making me sweat and thinking of you licking and sucking my sweet clit. I can't imagine how sweet that would feel with you taking a long sweet drag on the cigarette then blowing all that hot smoke on my sweet stiff erect clit. Oh yes I can't wait to have you do that to me. I can't deal with these thoughts anymore. I need you now!!! Now you are standing up in front of me and I am on my knees in front of you. I look up at you with my beautiful brown eyes and take a good blink and grab you by my hands and take a hold of that huge cock and start giving you the blow job of your life, and end it with a hand job. You start to want to cum. I tell you to hold it and you do you are sweating turning colors almost on your tip toes trying to hold your cum. I turn around light a cigarette and blow all my smoke on your cock. You enjoy the warm smokey feeling and after 40 seconds of me doing that you explode all over my face. If you think that was good you have no idea of how I can get you off. Call me now!!! CALL ME FOR SOME REAL PHONE SEX, THAT WAS JUST THE BEGINNING!!! I'M THE REAL DEAL ON THIS WEBSITE BABY, AIN'T NO BITCH LIKE ME HONEY. I'M AN ORIGINAL BEAUTY!!!