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Sniff & Touch Your Way To Ectascy With Me

I have something that you want, and I know you like it. I know you love my sexy beautiful feet. I love to keep them beautifully manicured and taken cared of. I know you don't really care if they are perfect matter of fact nothing really is, but it is important for us girls to be really sexy and pretty when we step out in our pretty shoes and dresses when we go out to the clubs. You guys get all dressed up with yall suits and stuff, so why can't us girls get all dolled up when we go out. You know it's the same with us. We want to get all sexy too. There are lots of females like me that have feet fetishes too ya know. I do like to grow my fingernails out too they are a fetish of mine as well. So always ask me what color of nailpolish I have on because I change the color of nailpolish that I wear on my nails daily sometimes twice. The polish that I have on my toes I change that color daily as well. I color cordinate with everything especially when it comes to getting ready for getting ready for the bedroom. Lookout baby here I come. Here is a short poem I wrote about my feet and how I feel when I am wearing my shoes and putting them up to your nose when I have on my sexy nailpolish. Read the poem below it is very sexy and interesting. i know you like my cute feet and the way i wiggle my toes i know you'll love their aroma come give them a sniff with your nose ** do you prefer them in shoes, stockings, or socks the mere thought of my feet gets you hard as a rock ** you love painting my toenails and rubbing your dick on my feet i've lost count of the times that has made you skeet ** i put my feet in your face so you can give them a wiff and it doesn't take long for your cock to get stiff ** every chance you get you cum on my feeet you're like a kid in a candy store and my toes are your favorite treat