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Spoil Nicole

Once you go blonde... your assets are gone!

It’s really a shame how some of you men search on the net for beautiful women that you clearly are not worthy of. Some men believe they are superior to women and boy are they wrong. They think just because they have a cock that they are mighty and that any woman in Their presence should bow down to them and treat them as if they’re some King. Truth is women are far more powerful then men. There is a reason we were given the bodies we have. I can control you with my breast alone. Lets make on thing clear the only ruler here is me, and I’m the ruler over YOU.

Everything about me screams royalty. My body. My presence. My hypnotic words. My class. I don’t beg, I don’t ask, and I definitely don’t grovel. I can ruin your entire existence and control every part of your life. I will dismiss you if I don’t get what I want or command from you. My time is valuable so I do not waste it on men who don't understand that. Obviously, you’ve come to me because you’re tired of living a lie and ready to accept your defeat. You want a spoiled bitchy princess like myself to control every aspect of your life including that little thing in between your legs.

Are you ready for a taste of my very own unique dose of princess worship?