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Little Brat

♕ Princess Brat wants your undivided attention...♕

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Use your worthless ears to listen to the sultry sound of my voice. Entranced and enticed by the ultimate Princess experience.
Lower yourself to your knees as i grace your pitiful existence with my presence.

Can you prove to me you deserve my attention??

I will take what i want, and I want to fuck over your wallet. Drain your credit cards and empty your bank accounts.

Sit back helplessly as this Brat abuses your wallet for whatever its worth. perhaps, you may receive a token of gratitude, but that is up to this princess, not you. Tell this princess your deepest and darkest secrets so she can exploit them to bend you to her will.

Shall I grant you the delight of grovelling upon the ground I walk on? Or kissing the heels of my boots as i step all over your self worth??

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