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He had been to a thousand of these events and all the women looked the same. It wasn’t that they weren’t beautiful or that he couldn’t imagine doing the sexual things he imagined doing with them. He continued listening to the speaker. The perfectly groomed, well kempt, go to the gym five days a week women that looked as if a filthy thought never crossed their mind sat around him. He saw them looking at him from the corner of their eyes. He was attractive, a catch if you will. He heard his name called and stood to go to the podium.

As he was getting ready to speak that is when he saw her. A commotion of sorts from the back of the room. All eyes turned toward her. Only his were looking in admiration. He was suddenly grateful for the podium and its protection because his cock was rock hard.

Head held high she acknowledged the room. He tried to concentrate as he spoke. Thankful he had done this so many times. All he could think about were her full, round breasts and what color her hardened nipples were. The way her hips had swayed as she had looked for a seat and how they would look in his hands as he bent her over and he slid inside.

Before he realized it the audience were applauding. He quickly descended the stage in search of the woman but he was surrounded by the audience. Later that evening at a gathering sitting at the bar he saw her outside speaking with another gentleman. He wasn’t jealous but he knew he wanted to the one that took her back to her room. Grabbing his drink he made his way outside. Walking toward her he caught her eye and his pulse began to quicken.

She smiled a slight smile and tilted her head slightly to the side in a way that made him want to slide his fingers through her hair and fist it hard so that he could taste her mouth. He wanted her full lips open and gasping, her beautiful eyes to quietly beg for more as she purred for him.

She was warm and open and apologized for interrupting the earlier conference. Her easy laughter did things to his cock and made it difficult to not grab her right then and there.

We talked for some time before we moved inside. As we entered the building a group of people came out pushing her into me. Her perfect, soft, round ass pressed against my throbbing cock and my hands fell to her hips, holding her there. I couldn’t let her go. The warmth of her pressed against me was fu***** primal. I growl escaped my lips and I felt her shiver. I moved deeper into her and felt her body quiver. My face was buried in her hair and I whispered into her ear. I saw her shake her head yes.

Neither of us could speak. We held hands as the elevator doors opened on the 11th floor and walked to her room. It smelled like her. Sexy, inviting. We kissed slowly, deeply. My hands, her hands moving over each other’s bodies not wanting to miss a damn thing. Her skin so soft and warm. Undressing one another until we stood face to face, wrapped up in what was going to be the best experience of our life’s…and I watched as she kissed her way down my body, the taste of her on my lips.

The details are important, the scene is important, the tone of voice, atmosphere and a willingness and ability to create a fantasy are vital when connecting with another. I am an articulate, creative woman that enjoys the art of intimacy and sexuality. If you have a fantasy or roleplay that you would like to share and enjoy together the more details and direction you give me the better it will be. I am capable of creating them and willing to work with what is given to me.

We are but story tellers and I am but a means through which to tell the story.

So what is it you are looking for?

♥ Naughty
♥ Nice
♥ Erotic
♥ Next door neighbor
♥ Wife
♥ Girlfriend
♥ Fulfilling a lifelong fantasy

I can be shy as well as very outspoken and everything in-between. I am capable of an intelligent conversation.

Yes, I like things to be mutual, yes, I enjoy pleasure. Understand that my intentions are to please you. Your satisfaction is of the upmost importance to me .You will not ever hear me fake moan or grunt. If I moan it is because you have elicited true excitement from me. I am neither submissive nor dominant I am about pleasure and making it happen in whatever way pleases you. So I can be one or the other, neither or it can be mutual given the circumstances. This brings me pleasure.

I am very much the woman in the pictures I use. I do not enjoy any type of humiliation or degradation. If you enjoy pleasure, intimacy, sexuality in its truest form, honesty and want to connect then I may be the flirt you are seeking.

I am very much looking forward to meeting you and understanding your desires and needs. I do cam. I have specific hours and rules. I offer Sensual Domination, JOI instructions and Adoration. I stay fully clothed. Cam is available Mon - Friday 4 to 11 pm unless something comes up.

<3 Caia