Phone Sex

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Here is the 12 Step Program for my ATM! You must follow these 12 Steps without fail. This Program will lead to your ultimate destruction. Which you deserve! You are not a man. You are a walking ATM. This will be your Financial Domination Phone Sex undoing. 1. Penance Beg for Goddess Deborah to assign Penance! Self-punishment is what you deserve! Repent for your sinful thoughts and actions! 2. Powerlessness Accept that there is a greater power who rules over you and that you are powerless against your Goddess! 3. Training Undergo Stupidity Training to ensure complete moronic stupidity and mindlessness. 4. Humility Show that you are a humble moron. Drop to your knees. Never stand in my presence. Only a God can stand in a Goddess’ presence. You are just an ATM that spits out my cash! 5. Enslavement Become my slave without a single question or hesitation. You are owned and controlled. You cannot think of make decisions without me! 6. Financial Domination Money money money is mine! Whether is comes to your Goddess via Tributes, long calls, Gift Cards… 7. Worship Worship your Goddess 24/7. Live in awe of my beauty and power. 8. Degradation You will be degraded and humiliated for being a stupid moron. 9. Supplication Beg for forgiveness from me. You are my supplicant. 10. Frugality Live a life of extreme frugality where you spend nothing on yourself and everything on your Goddess. 11. Suffering Suffer for your Goddess. Suffering will make you weak. So weak and submissive. 12. Exclusivity Devote yourself to only one Goddess, the one and only Goddess Octavia!