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That's where I come to you, offering you my Girlfriend Experience(GFE). No honey, I am not your nagging wife, reminding you to take out the trash and pick up the dry cleaning, the one who never gives you what you need in bed, overly demanding of your wallet and your time, but never takes the time to listen, Really listen, to you, your hopes, dreams, fears. What I am is your online companion, your dream-fantasy of having everything you have wanted in a woman, rolled all into one. I have both sexuality and sensuality, companioned with nurturing sensitivity and listening skills that make me the perfect confidant. I make effort and give comfort, not just between the legs, but between the ears, and in the heart. I am both your friend and lover. We can date for years and I will never ask you for a engagement ring, or to pick out china patterns and flatware. I am just here when you need me, for your mind, body, and soul. I have had so much experience as the girlfriend, and less so of the nagging wife, so we should get along beautifully together. Muah! This extension will be priced for calls to go long, how else are we going to get to know each other and develop an emotional, mental, and sexual connection? If you are looking for a 2-minute Get Off call, this is NOT your extension, I will be re-directing you to one of my other extensions, based on your true interests and/or fetish. If you are strictly looking for sexual satisfaction withOUT the other aspects(emotional, mental, friendship, etc.)I will also re-direct you to call another extension. Only true seekers of GFE need call this line! Why call ME? Because I'm willing to be your Girlfriend without the monogamous commitment, the meeting of the parents, the worry of "future plans", the wedding pressure, and we can break up at any time that one of us feels things need to end.