Phone Sex

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Hi there!

My name is Eve but you can call me ❤ BABY❤.
I am *NEW* on niteflirt :D

I am 19 years old and I love having phone sex with complete strangers...
when the phone rings... I get very VERY HORNY!

I will open my line a couple times per week, mostly in the morning between 8-10AM (EST – Eastern Standard Time), while I am still in bed ;)

My favorite morning routine is to stay in bed, watch porno clips online on my cell, play with my big pink vibrator...
and I look foward to do it WITH YOU ❤❤❤

A few facts about me:

♦ I am 100% REAL, this is NOT another one of these obviously fake profile you can find on niteflirt.
♦ I have long hair, smooth porcelain skin and full natural breasts with large pink areolas.
♦ My pussy is soft and tight and always ready for you.
♦ I am easily aroused and quite expressive about it.
♦ I love to hear... how bad you want to feel your dick sliding in my hot young body!
♦ I am quite submissive and I go crazy when you talk dirty to me.
♦ I love when you direct the conversation.
♦ My boobs are large, soft, very sensitive and I love to touch, rub, pinch them!
♦ I am addicted to porno movies.
♦ I am addicted to my vibrator and I always keep new batteries close at hand in case I have used it so hard that I burned all its power! LOL
♦ I do female ejaculation (only 10% of women do, I'm soooo lucky!!!!)
♦ I experience different kinds of orgasms: through clitoridian manipulation, squirting, G-spot stimulation
♦ And sometimes I even orgasm ONLY with dirty talk... without touching myself!
♦ I believe sexual satisfaction is crucial to good health and peace of mind.
♦ Since I have a very strong libido, I need to have all sorts of sexual experiences or else... I get really frustrated!!

Call me and tell me all the naughty things you would like to do to me...
Hear the juice dripping from my pussy as I thrust it nicely with my vibrator while you take control of my body over the phone.

(or anything else you would like me to write on my breast!!) AFTER ALL CALLS that last OVER 20 MINUTES! show you my appreciation for the pleasure you gave me :D

Let me feel your hard cock in my wet pussy...
I want to be your hot little baby girl.

Be naughty with me...
I beg you...

❤ I am here for you ❤
and I am waiting for your call...

(Remember that my line will ONLY be open a couple hours per week //
So if you see that I am AVAILABLE, don't miss your chance!)

And let's have FUN :D