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Madam Ashe Jordan

Ms. Ashe Jordan: Guidance Counselor, Teacher or…

One Afternoon with Ms. Ashe Jordan

Are you someone who craves the sensation of a warm, firm hand cupping your butt cheeks? Do you remember what it is like to be bent over Auntie's soft, yet strong thighs with your lower cheeks exposed, quivering and waiting? You both dread and ache for the sharp, sweet, sting of that hand as it smacks your nakedness with total conviction.

Or perhaps you wanted to get caught? In that case, it's the hairbrush for you and a good emptying out. When Auntie is finished with you, your cheeks read and flaming, she orders her little slut to put those panties back on and wear them to the office! At least she didn't make you wear them over your head, crotch pressed tight against your nostrils.

Or did she??

Or, perhaps you are a chronic bad boy, constantly being sent to the principle's office. Ms. Jordan will read you the riot act before thrashing you with deadly accuracy with razor strop, paddle or cane. You will be reduced to tears! Then she will send you back to the classroom where it will be very difficult to keep your hands from roaming under your desk (to you-know-where) while staring longingly at your teacher's nylon-clad legs. And the whole classroom is staring at you now!

But isn't that what got you into trouble in the first place? That, and imagining your teacher's fragrant-smelling foot resting on your face?

If you are really, really lucky, after classes let out, the Girl Gang will be waiting on the playground for you.

I highly recommend that you send me a NF email by way of introduction.

Ms. Ashe awaits your call. Don't be late!