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Sexy High School Mascot

Extreme edge play with this tee High School Mascot

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I love driving men so hard for so long and that their minds weaken and they cum so hard it hurts. But of course it takes time & skill to build up to that point, doesn’t it? You see, I understand that I won’t get the massive gush of cum I want to see unless we keep you right there at the edge of reason and sanity, so close to cumming for so long that your fucking heart is breaking for release even more than your balls. That takes a great, hardcore mindfuck where we dredge up every filthy desire you’ve ever had & wallow in it like burning edge play! Nothing is forbidden & nothing is taboo in our bizarre phone sex playland, & the longer you can stay right there teetering on the edge of that razor the more I’m going to be able to cum from it, so don’t get my hopes up & tell me you need edge play phone sex unless you’re willing to invest the time we need into it. But if you’re one of those guys who get into holding themselves right there at the verge spirit-shivering release for long periods of time, constructing fantasy after fantasy, breaking down walls and transcending limits until you finally give in & give yourself such an intense orgasm you don’t have it, you endure it – then you need to hook up with me right now. I’m just a quick dial away. Get comfortable because you & I are going for a edge play phone sex ride you won’t be able to get out of your head for weeks.