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OCT 2017 Nurturing Glorious Destruction in London

Life is short and then you die. Give your money to Me instead of saving it up in some bank account that will just go to future waste or spending it on dumb shit that you don't need. I'M THE GREEDY, GORGEOUS CRAFTY CHARISMATIC SEDUCTRESS THAT WANTS TO EMPTY YOUR WALLET. I'M WORTH IT

You love spending on a hot Goddess. LUCKY YOU! THERE IS NO ESCAPE. YOU DON'T EVEN HAVE A CHOICE. Your money looks and feels so good on Me. Just give in and spoil Me rotten! You know that you want to. What the fuck are you going to go spend your money on anyway? We both know that Powerful Women deserve all of your funds and I am not only Powerful but I'm also intelligent, cunning, crafty, manipulative, creative, outgoing, flamboyant, fun, and outright ludicrous at times because I LOVE BEING ME. SO FUND ME. Spend and stroke and let your mind go numb while I allow you the privilege of spending on Me. I am skilled in the art of erotic hypnosis and have no qualms over mindfucking you senselessly broke. Just let the sultry, smoky quality of My voice slide over you like velvet as I craftily rape your wallet to bits. It turns Me on so much to take your money that with each click of the "send" button My pussy gets more and more wet with excitement and anticipation of more. You may try to satisfy Me, but the only thing that's going to get Me off is the sound of your financial submission to Me. In return, you'll receive the privilege of being hypnotized by a true Domina with Superior powers who you will quickly find yourself slaving away for day after day simply to please with your hard-earned cash.

I'm Salem, the Mistress you have been lusting for. What turns Me on is $$ MONEY $$ so spend on Me, and spiral into your most fulfilling addiction. There are a lot of things that I want in this world and you are going to get them for Me. Then, you'll obediently thank Me for allowing you to give Me the luxuries I deserve. But you know what? It's not just luxuries I want. I'm an artist and a writer and I want the freedom to create without ever having to worry about money. I don't want to have to think when I see something that I want or need if I'm able to get it. The way it should be is that I just fucking TAKE it. So I'm going to take your money, and use it to make Myself happy and keep this life I've made for Myself as exciting and adventurous as it possibly can be.

You'll never be bored because there are so many sides to me. You'll never get enough. I intuitively know what a person needs to stimulate and excite them. I enjoy many different forms of domination. I can be kinky, seductive, sensual, sadistic, and even downright cruel. I can tap into your sexual desires and drink like a fountain~ giving you exactly what you need while I sip up every last drop. I'm a kitten princess with a dark side that wants to tell you what to do, and make you my slave.

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