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JULY 2017 ~I'm in London, doing some shopping, perhaps going for a pedicure, editing some videos, living a fantastic life funded by slaves like you- call to listen in on My perfect life and if you are LUCKY I might just notice you and fuck with your mind. .. I AM A GODDESS. You're a loser.

You're a fucking loser. You're such a loser that it actually gets you off to call Me and have Me ignore you, and degrade you with My words. You get turned on when beautiful powerful women like Me realize how worthless you are and you're willing to pay for Me to remind you of that fact. I want to ignore you, and ***MAYBE*** give you the privilege of being laughed at and humiliated. I will allow you to listen in on My divine life while you pray for My attention. Maybe I'll give it to you if you really ask for it nicely. If you're really lucky, I just might be with some of My friends who will gladly partake in ignoring/humiliating you and putting you in your place: beneath Me.

Obviously you know how Superior I am to you. Consider the fact that I'm ignoring you to be My gift to you. Honestly, your tiny existence disappears in the shadow of My Dominance. Money? It's Mine, not yours, obviously- you don't deserve it.

How lucky are you, honestly, to be ignore by a Goddess this powerful? Paying Me to ignore you is a privilege and you really barely even deserve it, which is why you are going to pay My minute rate and perhaps even succumb to My mindfucking ways of extracting more from you with very few words, perhaps none. Whatever is going on in My life is so much more interesting than yours, whether I'm getting properly fucked or simply watching television. Being ignored by a Femdom Goddess is all that you're worth. Show your worth!

Domination runs in My blood. It goes as deep as the marrow. If you are looking for a girl to give orders to, then you are in the wrong place. I want you under My control. Your obedience turns Me on. I am most turned on when men obey My direction, go to extreme lengths to amuse, serve and impress Me, and relinquish their mind and their money to Me- the ultimate power source.

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