Phone Sex

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I Am The Ultimate Housewife, I Will Blow Your Mind

Hey baby how are you? I know how to please a man. I know what a man needs and why. I am the original sweet bitch on the block, I am a former street walker and I know all the tricks of the trade. I meet my baby and he saved me from the game and now I am a cozy little sweet country rich living housewife. So, now I can talk on Niteflirt and use all my tricks of the trade and you can benefit from them. I can make you scream my name in two languages at the same time baby. There ain't no holding back when it comes to me honey cakes. I want you to shiver and shake when I give you my blow jobs. I'm not just going to lick and suck on your cock, I'm going to put honey on the tip of it and whipped cream on your balls and go to town on it baby. You will be my dessert honey, you will never need another trick like me. Don't worry my husband won't attack your or get you knocked off. He knows I have my little pussy itch and need fucking every now and then. He knows I play on the phone for NIteflirt and I do a little fucking on the side. So, don't worry honey bunches it is ok baby. I'm going to make you feel right at home with me on the phone. I'm also not one of them girls that just be wasting your time on the phone moaning and screaming at everything that you say. I like to have a real conversation and get to know each other, then I like to get into some real panting and moaning deep phone sex. Yes, honey that is how I like it baby raw, deep and fucking nasty. Now my real question to you is can you handle me? If you think you can handle me give me a call then babycakes. I will be patiently waiting by the phone for your sweet behind to call me. I get into some fun things when I'm on the phone with my clients and or people like you. I love talking about anything and everything so don't worry when it comes to subjects or the taboo because baby if it's out there then dammit I definitely dun did it. I am an experienced girl with a bunch of miles on her. But don't get the wrong fucking idea about me, I am a classey bitch. I am not one of the street freaks that is a drug addict and doesn't take care of herself and fucks anything with ten dollars. No, sweetie pie that is not me. If it was my husband who is a rich businessman would not of married me honey he would of left me where I stood when he seen me. So, when you are ready, get those fingers to dialing those numbers baby because I am right here by the phone with my twelve dildos ready to party. Give it to me baby, ohhh make it hurt!!! Love, Me.