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The thing I love most is raping your wallet. Having you whimper while I take every dollar from your bank account makes me giggle. The more uncomfortable you become the giddier I become. It is My pleasure to take advantage of paypigs, and to seduce money slaves into serious slavery. Let's be clear all I care about is My personal gain. I am meant to be spoiled and you were put here to take care of me. I do not care about you, your comfort or your well-being. Your sole job is to cater to Me, keep me amused and support Me!

You will do whatever makes My life better. I laugh when you tell me you have to work overtime. If you have to get another job don't worry I will be sleeping in while you are dragging yourself to work. There are 168 hours in a week and I demand that you use them to make my life so much better. Your new purpose in life is to serve and provide for Ms. Shayla. Your money belongs to me you are useless except for making My life better.

$upport ME you know it is the only thing you are good for. You think you are special because you work to make my life better there are thousands of men just like you wanting to do what it takes to make me happy. If you do not do your job well I will quickly and easily replace you with a harder worker. I'm the spoiled bratty princess you will $erve. You will never have Me but you will serve Me. Your financial sacrifice is my new pleasure. You and I both know you are weak and pathetic the only thing about you that is worth My time is your cash. I will control your life. Dangling you on a string if I pull you better jump to attention. Everything about you belongs to Me. I own you, I own your cock and your money.

You will give Me everything I want and everything that I need. You are a cash cow, a human ATM. You will love serving Me as I will give you the purpose you are seeking in life. Right now you are lost eating too much, drinking too much and doing too little. Under my control your focus will be solely on making my life the best. Have you ever played a fun game of raise the rate this will get your Adrenalin pumping. We start out slow at my regular rate then right at the moment when things get a little juicy I cut you off and make you pay more. Each time I bring you closer and each time I drain your wallet a little more if I actually drain your testicals, well that all depends on how much you have in your wallet.

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There are so many intellectual games we can play such as click therapy I make you give me money and you get to click the tribute button. The more times you click the further you fall into the piggy bank hole. I know men like you think they can buy their way in or out of any situation it is my duty in life to teach you the humility of being ruined. This is a hard lesson for most men to learn so we must repeat the process over and over until your stubborn cash cow brain understands the full concept.

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