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Ignore line for all voyeurs or losers

I WILL NOT ACKNOWLEDGE YOUR PRESENCE; I WILL NOT SPEAK TO YOU NO MATTER WHAT! I don't care why you're here: whether you're a peeping tom, voyeuristic pervert or whether you're a good-for-nothing, lowlife loser, I am offering you the amazing opportunity to be a fly on the wall and observe me in my natural habitat. I am young, I am sexy, and this is the closest you will ever be able to come to being a part of my personal life. You can pretend that you've tapped into my phone and I am unaware that you're listening in while you're rapidly wanking to quickly cum before you're caught or you can revel in the fact that I am just too fucking cool to be wasting my energy on the likes of you and you can stroke your useless cock with the shame of your insignificance as your lubricant. Either way, call in now and get your ignore fantasy fulfilled.