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JANUARY 2017 MISTRESS SALEM - I will drink you. I am your new drug, your favorite place to be, your Muse.

Just give in to your fantasies. Trust. Submit. Descend. Worship. Obey. Find yourself entranced.

I'm Salem, the Mistress you have been lusting for. I will get inside your fantasies, as you descend deeper into your addiction to Me. You will submit to Me and lose yourself to your deepest desires, as I hyponotize you into a delicious climax. You will worship, submit, and obey Me, finding yourself weakened by My prowess and powers. I simply exist on another plane. It's not like you will ever find a woman like Me anywhere else. Not only am I perverted and devoted to My fetish practices, but I am cunning and will craftily and methodically dissemble you mentally and in some cases physically and rearrange you as Mine. Give in to Me and have so much fun. Make Me happy and turn Me on. Get Me going by your willingness to submit to My sensual, sometimes bratty, smart cool sexy velvety and hypnotic being, and reap the awards.

You'll never be bored because there are so many sides to me. You'll never get enough. I intuitively know what a person needs to stimulate and excite them. I enjoy many different forms of domination. I can be kinky, seductive, sensual, sadistic, and even downright cruel. I can tap into your sexual desires and drink like a fountain~ giving you exactly what you need while I sip up every last drop. I'm a kitten princess with a dark side that wants to tell you what to do, and make you my slave.

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