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Why do I not pay more attention?

Emma X

What was that you said?

Hello you. Welcome to my ignore line. Could you get anymore pathetic? I think you can. Prove it to me. Call me for me to ignore you. Will I speak to you? Will I watch television and every once in a while reply with a Mm-Hmm. Or will I put the phone down and walk away on your sorry ass. Here is your chance to find out. I will tell you now though, you are boring and just pathetic. Chances are you don't have anything to say to me to catch my attention. I wish for just once you would surprise me. Why not try and see if you can catch my attention just once. You can tell me anything. I may be listening, who knows. Just imagine being able to tell someone about the boring monotonous tasks of your day. Better yet, talk about that deep, dark secret that has been itching to get out. You know you would feel better getting it off your chest, telling someone else to help take the weight off those shoulders. What a better way than to call me. I may hear it, I may not. At least you got it off your chest. Call to vent to me about your a-hole boss. Tell me how much you would wish I would pay more attention to you. I always love hearing you whine and beg. It does amuse me when I catch it. You know you want to get something out in the open but no one around you wants to hear it. Well, maybe I don't either. I guess we will see, won't we.

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REMEMBER: You can buy some pictures of me when I am not available to, lol....or while we are talking so you can place the voice with the hot bod ignoring you to keep from wondering why you put up with my abandonment.

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