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The Englishman

Hypno-Dom - can you fail to resist?

The Englishman - HYPNO-Dom

Just listen to the sound of my voice....

How many times have you wondered what it would be like to be transported, transformed and tantalised to the very limits of your imagination?

Unlocking every potent part of your erotic mind, setting it free, and allowing it to be moulded...sounds sexy huh? HAHA! You should CALL ME and see for yourself just how deep your mind can go.

Imagine going on a personalised erotic adventure, your very own fantasy, vividly brought to life and infused directly into your mind to take you on the most brain blitzing journey.

Erotic hypnosis is an art-form that blends aspects of psychology, BDSM and creative intuition that can transform your reality and deliver experiences that even reality would struggle to match. Sounds to good to be true...sounds so good, it IS true! HAHA!

Roleplay and immersive fantasies are my speciality - just check out my feedback and ask yourself if you can really afford NOT to try handing over control to me for a session - when you're ready for the trip of a life time - CALL ME.

LADIES: If you need your hot little pussy left trembling and twitching in ecstasy call me on my $0.99 line and get ready for the rush [ Don't even THINK about calling me on that line unless you are a genuine
female, I will block your fag-ass so fast your head will spin- AFTER charging you for an hour of my time.

Read my other listings or my my blog if you want to get a better idea of what I am about.

Do you have a special fantasy?

Mail me ahead of time - or just tell me when we connect... whether you are looking for a rich erotic adventure or maybe you want to explore behavioural modifications, whatever you want, erotic hypnosis is something that can take you there.

Tell me, what do you need:

  • Be transformed into the perfect feminized (feminised) sissy?
  • Experience being shrunk down in size 12" tall.. 6" tall?
  • ...or maybe you recognise that a small part of yourself needs to be shrunk even further!
  • Do you want to enhance sexual performance?
  • Develop even more slutty behaviour? (this works particularly well on submissive feminine minds!)

  • Whatever experiences you are looking for, the deep, vivid imagery and sensations that my callers experience when enjoying this kind of erotic phone sex often intensify the feelings of arousal, desire, humilation or just wanton lust that you might normally expect to enjoy while on the phone with me! It is addictive , you have been warned!

  • Are you feeling very small? Good - just the way I like you - and I DO have the power to shrink you down - WHENEVER I want
  • You want me to transform you into my sex slave, perfectly feminized (feminised) and useable?
  • Or maybe you want to experience what it feels like to be cuckolded by your wife or girlfriend? Feel your humiliation peak while I ravish her in ways you never could!
  • I love to demonstrate my total SUPERIORITY, mentally, physically... I was born to DOMINATE you.
  • Financial slaves are always welcome, get ready to be drained and not even notice it!

  • NOTE: this erotic hypnosis service is offered purely for entertainment purposes, and your mind's own ethical and moral limits can never be overcome by any hypnotist, I will however open the door to your deepest darkest desires, and free you to enjoy their every salicious twist.

    $5 Tribute to show me you care

    $10 Bronze tribute for wannabe piggies

    $20 Silver tribute for devoted subs and piggies (treat me to something nice)

    $50 Gold Tribute for real cash fags (you know its what I deserve)

    $100 PLATINUM Tribute for the hardcore ATM's and my most truly dedicated subs.

    You want to listen - just - listen.... to the sound of my voice? HAHA!