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Can you really blame me? I always try to fantasize how couples fuck. No joking. Is she on top, can he get really hard and if so how big is he, and what about girth? I've gotten so good at guessing penis sizes, that when I do go out, I make bets with guys over the length and girth of their packages. Those who refuse to pay up cause I am right, usually want to fuck the night away later. It's not about the size, it's really about what a man can do with what he's got.
I've been with the smallest that made me cum for hours, and those alike who with pills made me drier than ever before. I think of it like boobs, some girls have tiny mosquito bites, but their nipples get so rock hard it makes up for the lack of what the man holds in his hand.
Same goes with the penis guys. I've seen a 16" penis that blew my mind, but I'd never fuck in a million years for fear of dying, so I have seen it all trust me.
My longest running fantasy was getting fucked by two men at once in a men's bathroom at a bar, while the bouncer stood guard. (maybe it's just my longest running best memory and not so much a fantasy) but boy oh boy........did I rummage that one through my head over and over.
Boldest thing I ever did was show up at a sex toy store at 2 am, wearing sheer lace tights red with flowers, and my boyfriend purposely cut the crotch out, so when I'd bend over to "inspect" something, I would be inspected.
I'd love to hear your greatest fantasies......hopefully realistic, like sucking my pussy while the waiter is at my table trying to take my order, and I'm trying to hold a straight face.....(You snuck under there before me and my friends were seated you sneaky devil you)....oh the fantasy of payback hee hee hee