Phone Sex

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My fantasies are vast.
The latest is taking a potty break in the middle of the night on an off ramp on a dark highway, when a trucker seeking to do the same stops a little higher on the on ramp exits his truck and pulls out his cock to relieve himself. All I can think of is his ravaging piece of meat when suddenly he approaches asking politely to take me from behind adoring my bare backside which is completely exposed squatting high above the asphalt in the middle of the night......

It's perfect, the cool breeze on my vagina, the all but unlit on ramp with both our pants are already loosened, we're both relieved and horny just fantasizing about each others body parts when miraculously he kindly and politely asks to stick his cock in my ass! Traffic flying by only gets glimpses and has to wonder about the truck and car with parking lights on, while continuing down the road, and of course, just for bragging rights, word is put out on cb land (after the deed is done) for all the truckers to wake up the sleepy lonely drivers and to keep a look out for the bladder relieving beauty relieving herself on the on ramp (not specified), only they have no clue which lady driving down the road gladly bent over the hood to accept backside pleasure from the sexy weary trucker who now drives wide awake down the road peeking at every off and on ramp on his way to his destiny.