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Shelly is the Ivy League girl born with a silver spoon in her mouth who has a dirty little secret. Shelly has always seemed perfectly happy to be the wallflower hiding in the back of the room watching everyone else have fun. If you ask her opinion she will usually just smile and shake her head. She seems so quiet and frail to her friends that if you ask them they’d tell you she’s never had a boyfriend. Wouldn’t it shock them to find that Shelly isn’t so shy after all? You see while her friends think that she is meekly standing by, Shelly is really looking for her next conquest. Male or Female makes no difference to Shelly, as she rarely looks past their physique while thinking as long as they can keep their “mouth shut and fuck her right”. When this occurs you know what she wants and you know she's getting it. Where doesn’t matter to Shelly as long as no one sees, and no one knows. She doesn’t ask your name and doesn’t offer hers, if you do ask she simply says she’s Shy. Shy yet here she is hiking up her pantiless dress or skirt asking you to drive yourself into her harder and faster until she spins out of control. Sucking and fucking pleasure for both involved, so exhilarating you don't even know how long it lasts. Then she simply thanks you for a “Good time”, if she speaks at all, and goes back to the table where her friends left her as if she was never gone. Shelly doesn’t drink much; her high comes from the nameless sex she finds out with her friends who think she’s never even been kissed. Maybe the next night out she’ll have some fun with you??