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The Little Dick Sissy Fix

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The Little Dick Sissy Fix

You've tried it all; denial, lotions, creams and devices, but nothing seems to help your "little problem". You dream of being big, masculine, virile, but sadly, dreams don't change the facts. The facts are this; you are:
1. too small
2. pathetic
3. weak
4. unable to please any woman
5. stuck in an untenable situation

You probably think that there is nothing you can do. You think that your lot in life is just to keep trying and keep hoping that some poor woman will take pity on you.

Nothing could be further from the truth! First, as you are right now, you are not fit to be with any woman! No woman should have to suffer the humiliation of having a boyfriend or husband who is "less than" when compared to her friends' boyfriends or husbands.

It is my mission in life to take those of you who have teeny weinies, and to fix them. (the guys, not the weinies!) You see, you've been going about this fix thing all wrong. The reason you have been given the pathetic amount you have been given is because you were meant for other things. You need to learn your place, and how to serve properly. You need to become the little sissies that the creator obviously meant for you to be.

This was no mistake! You were born to be a sissy, and to live life as the sissy you are. You were born to serve both women and real men. (although some of you will only serve one or the other depending on your probably already know which one you are-whether you want to admit it or not!)

When you're ready to learn your place.
When you can't fight it any longer.
When you know these words are meant just for you.
Call me. Help me fulfill my mission, one sissy slut at a time!

If I'm not available, call one of my sexy friends!

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