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| Domina Bianca Lawless | Sadist, Succubus, & Shamanatrix The forbidden lovechild of the Erotes and the Algeas manifests before you in the form of an ethereal Succubus; Domina Bianca Lawless, the epitome of the classic Femme Fatale with a morbid twist. I am an ultra-petite Femme Domme particularly skilled at forming an insatiable addiction within your core. I am the decadence that comprises the most intimate of your fantasies: youthful, authoritative, and intelligent beyond My years, I am capable of engaging your deepest desires in stimulating conversation or rapturous hypnosis. I am a professional Dominatrix (or, Shamanatrix, if you will) in My early 20's with skills beyond what many manage to acquire in a few short years. I am also a Dominant in My daily life, which I hardly label a "lifestyle"--it is just, simply, My life. I have already established a name for Myself in New York City and Philadelphia as a highly intuitive Domina with a keen sense of just how closely spirituality and BDSM intertwine. I now carry out My desires in a private studio in Olympia, Washington, about an hour south of Seattle. Though the root of My interest lies in Transcendent BDSM, I am an extremely multi-faceted Feminine Creature capable of taking on many different roles, such as playful Seductress, wallet-raping Princess, viper-tongued Humiliatrix, discerning Disciplinarian bending you over Her knee, or merciless Amazon with Her single-tail and cane. I am always Myself, but taking on one or more of these personas is like wearing one of My luxurious latex garments or bound in My leather bondage corset: they enact one of My many alter egos to excite, intimidate, and engage you in My world. I offer telephone Domination in the interest of each of the four adjectives that I use to describe Myself: Succubus, Sadist, Shamanatrix, and Female Supremacist. | SUCCUBUS | Do your fantasies linger on the sheer seduction of a true Femme Fatale purring in a languorous voice on the other end of the telephone? Do you want to delve into deep conversation about nothing and everything all at once, only to remember My rhythmic breathing and sexy laugh? Maybe you want to be teased and taunted by a tried-and-true Flirt. Fetishism is also included in this category: I can describe the silky stockings, lubed-up latex, or retro lingerie I'm wearing, or let you fantasize about worshiping My size 5 feet while I am painting My toes. As an acclaimed Succubus, I will inevitably ensnare you in My web without your knowledge, draining you of all of your energy, sexual and otherwise. You will be a willing and active participant in the demise of your own motives, and yet pleasantly at home under My spell. Whether it be playful banter or intelligent discussion you seek, I am highly skilled at getting your juices flowing through sexy subtleties. | SADIST | As many of you are already aware, I am a strict Disciplinarian who loves to exercise Her skill with Her cane, single-tail, paddle, cat-o-nine tail, and bare hand. Corporal punishment is one of My favourite areas of play, and pain sluts are above all My favourite players. Maybe impact play isn't your thing... I am more than willing to entertain any fantasy that involves making you suffer. Electro, heavy medical, breath play, CBT, needle play, forced consumption, heavy bondage, edge play--you can trust that I will push you to your limits and then some, still leaving you intact enough to coddle you and demand worship. | SHAMANATRIX | Intense slave training and ritual servitude. My goal is to guide you through the deepest waters of your soul until you think you may drown, and lead you out as a better, more self-aware individual. You will experience the heart and soul of Transcendent BDSM with My guidance; as a stronger, more spiritually conscious person, My training will seep into every aspect of your life for the better. | FEMALE SUPREMACIST | My role as a Supreme Humiliatrix falls into this category. I will be sure to remind you of your place in society--at the feet of Myself and the Women without whom you would not exist. I will make you painfully aware of your disgusting, miniscule penis; pathetic vanilla job and bank account that give you some kind of false illusion of choice in the Female population; and why you will never be able to even talk to anyone of My likeness without proper tribute. For all of you human ATMs, I can also be a Princess for you to take online shopping and spend the cold hard currency that comprises the entirety of your worth. I also love teaching clumsy boys the ABCs of finesse and why Femininity is sublimely Superior. Sissies and sluts who wish they were Divine Goddesses such as Myself are welcome to inquire. I can taunt you about training your ass and mouth with a cock twice the size of yours, or mold you into the Woman you wish you were. While these are My primary areas of interest, I will entertain many fantasies not listed here. All you have to do is ask. Do not hesitate to call if you just want to get to know Me better. I am a charming conversationist, and an apt listener. Unlike other "Dominant Women", I embrace My nurturing emotional side as a gift of My divine Feminine nature. Cuckolds and creative role plays are always welcome!