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Cruel Co-Ed :: Spanked for Sniffing Panties

You have been a bad boy.

I have caught you red-handed and shame-faced. Last time you were wanking in our shower, this time you’ve been busted in My bedroom picking through a drawer of My panties.

I know that you have become increasingly infatuated with Me – even though you're dating My roommate.

I am determined to give you a lesson that you don’t forget in a hurry, straight to the heart of that precious teenage ego. I push you down face first on My bed, straddling your shoulders and pinning your arms down with My strong legs so that you can’t wriggle away.
I grab My hairbrush from the bedside table and bring it down so hard on your exposed bottom that you yelp and immediately start struggling.

I am relentless.

Over and over the heavy ebony backing slams into your buttocks, the edges biting in to your delicate flesh and raising thick red welts.
You’ve given up your struggle and are now sobbing loudly into My duvet, every gulped breath in filling your lungs with My scent, every choked sob smothered by My weight on top of you.

I finally stop, the handle of My hairbrush has snapped with the force of the last blow.
Your bottom is bruised, blistered and raw.
Your cheeks are burning red with shame, exhaustion and the salty tracks of tears.

I look forward to speaking to spanking you soon.

Miss Penelope Dreadful