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You're Honored To Be Ignored By Me

I do not need to say too much... You're here to worship in one of the best ways... One you know well, through all of your days... Just sitting in the corner... Or even standing in a crowd,,, Yet so alone and observant... Your Head Is In The Clouds!!! You're here to admire, Yet admire from afar... You need distance... This we both know... Just come to me... And that awkwardness will not show... You'll blend right in... And Fit So Well... While you secretly and instantly... Fall Under My Spell!!!!! Now I'll acknowledge that you're there... Yet I'll be doing me and doing more than my share!!! My share of entertainment... My share of happiness and good feelings all around... You'll hear me move, breathe, smoke, sing, talk, laugh and more... Welcome to part of the Goddess Bri Tour!!!! You know it is the closest you could every get to me and I would ignore you no matter when or where in person! You are beneath me and you are Lucky to hear my sultry breathing, my sexy giggles, me smoking and having a good time, while you just sit in the corner and observing. As you're suppose to. Good boy! XoX Your Goddess Bri