Phone Sex

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I'm a nice, respectable woman, but if you're calling this line, you're obviously not nice or respectable are you?.

That's okay, because I am bored easily so I'll let you prove you may be worth something more than a toadfish by running my gauntlet.

Don't think even for a second that if you do everything I ask perfectly that I will be impressed by your disgusted antics or could ever be aroused by your degrading displays. You won't impress me, but you can try very, very hard to please me.

If you're into degradation and humiliation, then this is definitely the line for you because I am NOT going to tell you that you are worth anything more than cheap entertainment for me.

I don't really want to watch you cum from your pathetic limp dick, so if you call expecting someone to walk you through how to stroke your cock because you never went through puberty (because you're still nothing but a giant, blumbering baby), then you've come to the wrong woman.

You must have cam on Skype so I can watch your pathetic little show.

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