Phone Sex

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Miss Sam

Domme for advice and spankings.

I am a Domme that likes to hear her boys spank themselves.

Have you been naughty? Call me now, and tell me why you think you deserve a spanking.

*I am a Domme in real life as well as here. If you don't know what that is, please look it up.

*I do not do anything else, please don't ask.

*I do not follow orders, I give the orders.

*Please mind your manners with me if you want to talk to
me again.

I am very sadistic and enjoy giving pain.
My favorite implements are floggers, paddles and canes.

I also give advice and guidance.

Are you curious about BDSM?
Would you like to find a way to learn how to integrate it onto
your love life? I can help guide you, and show you the way.

You can embark on a new journey full of wonders in a safe
way. I can guide you, and provide information and
advice to help you take what fits your love life.

There are tons of information online, but how much of it can
you trust to be accurate? It is also overwhelming to
try to read a stack of books on it, or sift through endless
web sites trying to figure out who is really
knowledgeable, and who is just writing for the sake of it.

So dare to explore, find your sexy inner-self and let that kinky
fun part of you come out and play. You owe it to
yourself to find what makes you tick.

If you have a significant other, he/she may notice a
difference in you as well.
A happier more confident you will stand out and be noticed.

I am a caring loving person and I am not here to judge
anyone. I will only advise and guide you so you can reach your goals.

As an Army veteran, I understand veterans and will be happy
to help them as much as I am able to.

Poly and alternative lifestyle friendly.

We can talk about anything, but I will not tolerate anyone
doing any illegal acts involving children or animals.

Please be respectful; I am not here to play with myself for
your entertainment. I repeat, I am a Domme, I do not follow orders.

I have B.S. in psychology and ample experience in BDSM, in real life.
I am not licensed or hold any certificates.

I learned about BDSM back in the 90's. I had a good mentor
then and have some now. This lifestyle is a continuing education experience.
BDSM is in my heart, and part of me.
I found my inner monster long ago, and now I love bringing it out to play.