Phone Sex

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Weakness is cash leaving your wallet

You are weak
Pitiful in your drive to sustain your weakness of self-gratification
You come here looking for someone to gratify your “needs”
Hopeful that someone will take pity on your worthless being for a few minutes
Long enough for you to “satisfy” your perception of what you need
How pathetic is that?
Day in and day out, searching for the few seconds where someone will look beyond your insignificant life
Dismal and wretched in your small corner of the world
Plebian in your own world, not even good enough for those whom you may call family and friends
Do you even feel the shame that oozes off of you like the scent of desperation?
A menial life with only one real redeemable quality
Truly the only way a contemptible degenerate like yourself could possibly elevate yourself high enough for someone to look your way
It is so easy for you to get caught up in all the hype surrounding this place
So many willing participants in your inferiority that you somehow think yourself worthy
It is not true
It is a lie
The elevation above your station is merely a byproduct of your money and your imagination
If it was not so pitiful it would just be laughable
The sad part is you know the truth
The truth surrounding your real worth
The truth on why you go to work, collect your paycheck, and open your wallet
For the one moment of pleasure
The instance that the light may shine on you
Before the truth descends on you like darkness
You are weak

I am worth more than the mere 1.99 a minute you will pay to speak with me. If you are not willing and able to tribute to me then there is no reason for you to call.

Let's face it, most of you weak ass POS out there will barely last two minutes before you are cumming all over yourselves anyway.

$25.00 gets you a 3 minute berating
$50.00 gets you a 5 minute berating
$75.00 gets you a 10 minute berating
$100.00 gets you a 15 minute berating