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Intoxicating Brandi

anything you want! No taboos! Anything Goes!

Hey ya'll I am Brandi and just like the drink I will intoxicate your world. I am originally from Oklahoma but decided to travel to more exciting places. Vegas is so much more entertaining. I used to be a cheerleader, and enjoyed watching my teachers try and hide their erections from all the other staff. Taunting a man comes natural to me, most of the time I do not even stop to think about it. Picking out a stranger then making him fall all over himself is a fun past time. Being out here with all these rich men is just a daily game of cat and mouse. You will take care of me and spoil me because that is exactly what I deserve. I know you can not take your eyes off me, but did you really think I would just fall for a guy like you! I have a sexual appetite that few men can keep up with. I like that; I am not interested in a one on one relationship. You can spoil me, you can entertain me, you might even be able to give me an orgasm, however, you will never be my man. My life is about getting what I want and how I want it. Don't worry though men never leave without needing more of what I have to give. I enjoy watching a man become my personal sexual puppet. Taking control of you is natural to me. Playing with your cock and your mind. I have a soft sexy southern accent that will draw you in. I enjoy being that super sweet girl with the most evil intentions. I know how to stroke a man's ego to get him exactly where I want him. When I have you comfortable then I will wrap you around that little finger of mine then laugh at you while you try and take back control. You never had it, I just let you think you did. Men were put here to spoil women like me! If you have ever wondered how an older man could fall for that much younger woman, come see me I will show you exactly how that happens. I know how to push your buttons and make that little head do all the thinking. I do not hide who I am or what I want. By the time I am done with you, do not worry, you will WANT to give me everything I ask for. In fact you will want to give me everything!

I have never been that girl to confuse sex with love. I like to feel a cock inside me. I adore climbing up on a man's face and grinding myself all over him. I want to scent you so everyone knows that we were just being nasty together. Making women jealous is just fun to me. I know I can have any man I want no matter how faithful his other half thinks he is. I like the challenge of turning a good boy into a very bad one. She thought you were playing golf well you are plugging holes just not in the way you stated. The thought of sex is a turn on to me. I like to make up fun scenarios to entertain myself when I am out. The thought of taking that cop back to his patrol car while his radio is screaming as much as he is what a luscious dirty thought. I get super wet like dripping down and covering your balls. I like to talk dirty if I can make you blush that is just a bonus to me. When you a buried inside me I want to feel you throb while I tell you to pound me deep. Silence has never been my thing everyone that knows me knows I say what I want when I want. For some people this might be a problem but everyone forgives a girl like me. I enjoy everything about sex. I like to feel you bare back condoms are just no fun at all. Your cock in my mouth with your hand shoving it down my throat I like the challenge of how deep can I make it go. Sitting on your face while you work hard to make my pussy drip more into your mouth. Play with your own cock while I enjoy the ride. Whatever dirty things run through your head I bet I can top them. Up for the challenge....Make me your favorite and I'll send you FREE MINUTES!