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The Hippest Princess

Artist and Sadist. Your life is fucked. -ptv's-

This is a BDSM listing. I am a young non switch dominant female. Am I clear?

I'm here to explore my interests.

Princess isn't here to hear you bitch about "FAKE" people on here. YOU want REAL, YOU WANT real names, you WANT real pictures. You WANT. You you you. Why don't YOU BE REAL and REALLY tribute. REALLY go to my wishlist. You fuck.

Hey subbies, my name is Princess Lizzy and I'm a a 20 year old art student using you to to explore my wants and my growing dominant nature. I haven't been on NF that long but already I'm enjoying exploring. I'm a SADIST so please be fooled by my pretty face and big pretty baby doll eyes into thinking I'm harmless and letting down your guard. As for me I was born in Ireland however my family moved to the States when I was a kid. Fierce and independent, don't attempt to butt heads with me. You will fail. I'm here on Niteflirt for me, to explore what pleases me. My desires. This is more than just having a "mean side". I enjoy making you do things you later ask yourself "ok, what did I just do?" I am a sadist and I care more about the food that I put into my own body than I care about you. No I'm not going to "do whatever it takes" to get your DOLLAH! HOLLAH! Lmao! Your money doesn't pay for my school, books or rent. FAGGOT. I'm the Bohemian, Art Nouveau artist and Princess your submissive little life and dum dum cock has been waiting for. You're SO ruled by your cock that its just SO sad and yet SO simultaneously funny lol! Am I proud of myself? Uh duh lemme think, fuck yeah!

So what do I enjoy, want to explore?

Forced Intox- Although getting you boozed isn't my thing (used to do it but I get guys too fucked up) I enjoy getting you fucked up in OTHER WAYS (heh heh). Yes men can never refuse my big pretty ice blue eyes and my pillowy soft pierced pouty lips. Much like other intoxicants you'll be less able to control yourself. If you're not hooked on something which gives me hours of your time, you soon will be lol. And yes that IS a snotty, cocky laugh!

Forced Bi/ cock sucking-Yeeaaeah, forced bi? Dildo training? What is that? I know I don't have to force you to do shit YOU DREAM OF DOING ALL THE TIME. Lol, look at you, you're practically begging to suck and hump my strap on. Watching you act like some fuck slut stereotype. Look at my juicy, shiny candy cock. Wanna really perform like a cock sucking porn star for me? Then make it a block buster night, grab my poppers Mp3 and my candy cock pics too and call me. FAGGOT.

BBC/Cuckold-So you want to suck BIG BLACK COCK? Jeez its like you guys all have the same schtick. "Do you have a boyfriend?" "Does he have a big cock?" "Is he BLACK?" "Can you send me his pictures?" Yet have you made reparations to his BBC on my wish list? Tribute reparations? This isn't about me supporting some dead beat DICK. Like even. This is about you paying for your...(American) history shall we say? You're the object on display. You're the joke. Feel guilty? Wanna make reparations? Honor that guilt, after all you couldn't even satisfy a roach with that thing you beta bitch lol!

Financial Domination-Yes I'm into this but I have my own special interests. However if it is something you wish discuss/get into you'll have no problem calling me on my Financial Domination listing for $1.99 a minute. Should you call me on THIS listing saying "I can't find your Financial Domination listing"...I'll reply "you simply didn't try hard enough".

Conversation- Remember courteousness? Remember "Hello how are you?" I know some of you must live in a hole or a cave but I enjoy good conversation just as much as I enjoy BDSM. I love getting to know you and I'm naturally inquisitive. I love art and music. I enjoy Vivaldi, Mozart, Snog (Australian band) as well as Dub Step, 80's synth wave, 80's (Euro) Italo Disco (seriously, this really is a thing with my friends and I lol). I'm exploring BDSM in the Silent German Cinema era and recently I discovered BDSM themed magazines of the 1960s. Bizzare Life (of the 1960's) is a new favorite of mine. I love all forms of art. Comic/Insane style-Robert Crumb, Paint/Modern Art Deco-Partick Nagel, Photography-Robert Mapplethorpe- Photography. Film, CGI, on and on. It won't end. I have a lot interests that simply a few sentences can't cover . Well I'm done. As I type this it's almost 4.20, my smoke time during my afternoon Tea Time. Oh yeah gotta add, I'm straight. Not into dominating/fucking you wife or girlfriend. Nope.

You'll do whatever it takes to talk to me, serve me, be with me. Your secret Princess. Your artist muse to whom you run you off to leaving your bed in the middle of night. I encourage your secrecy. Hiding naked in your closet looking at me. Talking to me. Secretly worshiping and obeying me. I enjoy that and I want you on the floor in the dark naked. Worshiping my voice, my mind, my beauty, my body, my ice blue eyes, my red hair. I'm not your wife, I don't offer you the "girlfriend experience". I am not nurturing or giving. My life is about me, my art, and my friends. My life is about what pleases me. You beg to serve. You beg to look, you beg to touch. Beg, beg beg. If you haven't the time to speak to secret then you may continue begging as you're being drowned out by those who make the time and take the time to speak to me isolated and undisturbed.