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samuelj41 :) 08/09/2017

"Absolutely perrrfect. Sexy voice, loving Dom tone, remembers her callers, and loves her job, ~ getting us off. Pure Fun."

snakeplisken 06/14/2017

Are you "cock curious"? Do you think about cock all the time, but your scared to talk about it out loud. Hey this is where I come in...I have had lots of experience with cock and guys who are in the same situation you are right now, thinking, craving, wanting, needing...I am here to help you understand who you really are and explore your cock curiosity with you. Together we will help you discover how wonderful cock is...and if you want to step out of your comfort zone and actually have cock for real I can help you with that as well. If you want to go from where you are just talking about it, then let's make a plan to get you a real cock. I can be with you for your first experience, when you lose your cock virginity, when you take in your first cock...after all I am always just a phone call away...I can be in your ear guiding you, encouraging you. So if the following strikes a cord with you then it's time for you to Admit it...COCK, any cock, is so fucking hot and you have secretly been wanting to suck cock, at night you dream about it. When you should be working, thoughts of cock is the only thing on your mind. And when your at the gym, it's candy land in the shower room. All those beautiful cocks just hanging there, you're staring, you just can't help just keep looking, hoping not to get caught. You want to drop to your knees right in front of that delicious piece of man meat. Your craving's are just so intense, they start taking over your thoughts 24/7 they invade your dreams.

I understand about cock cravings, as I too love to suck cock, and sometimes that's all I can think about, even big black cock...oh my, so big and black and superior. Sucking makes my pussy so wet. I get so horny feeling that cock grow bigger and harder the more I suck.
Call me and let's share our desires to suck cock, I understand.

First Time Callers

I want you know that when you call me for the first time, I am going to ask you some basic questions about yourself. I will never judge you for anything thing you may tell me. In fact admitting that you love cock, gives us something in common. I want to get to know you and what really excites you. I'm not asking questions to waste any of your time, it's to actually give you a better call. Our first call may last a little longer, but, I think in the end you will be happy with the "outcum"...also be prepared to dialog back and forth. That way, we both get involved, and I won't have to guess what you like. Remember, I am not a mind reader. I am also not a dom so please do not call expecting me to dominate you, nor will I scream humiliating insults at you. I like to take a sensual approach and coax you along, tease and humiliate in such a way you will be even more embarrassed than if I just ranted and raved....

Skype Callers

I will watch you only (meaning I will watch you...I don't cam or skype and seeing on how this is MY listing I have the right to to say what I will do or won't don't send me emails demanding something I don't offer because I will simply block you)...while we talk about your cock cravings, so call me..I'll make the rest happen. don't have to like cock to call me, I am not a ONE NOTE FLIRT I can converse on many levels about many subjects and do enjoy good conversation.