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Hypnotic Trance Fantasy Anything Goes


I am The Creator of your wildest dreams and fantasies, and in some cases – perhaps — The Maker of your worst nightmares.

I am the perfect embodiment of everything you could ever ask for in a woman. I am the seductive whisper in your ear. When you close your eyes and you are fully relaxed in the induction phase of your trance, I am your subconscious.

My voice is the only thing lifting you up and taking you on an erotic, hypnotic journey.

Do you feel that tingling inside your pants? Do you feel your body already starting to relax? That is simply the power I wield over you. I know my talents and I know my strengths. One of my strengths is discovering your weaknesses.

I will decrease your inhibitions, while I INCREASE your arousal and desires.

I can enhance your erotic desires, I can take you to a world where you can leave your inhibitions In the “real world” and indulge in your every secret fantasy. I can make you become whom you want to be. They say reality is nothing more than an illusion, I am the seductress that will re-create that illusion. I will place ideas and hypnotic triggers in your mind that will remain with you even when you are re-awakened and back to having to play in the “real world”

When you close your eyes, my voice will be the only thing that matters. I will be in your mind, and your mind will open up to me, while your body submits. When you awake, I will still be with you.

What is it that your aching little heart desires? Where would you like me to take you as we go deeper into your mind? Who is it that you want to be?

Those are the real questions.

Don’t be frightened my pet. I will discover what makes you tick and take you to the deepest corners of your subconscious mind, where I will spread my wings and create my own little home.

Will I lead you to ultimate ruin or will I bring you to a place you’ve always wanted to be? Maybe one or the other…maybe both. I am that femme fatale that will guide you with my sensual and soothing voice.

Come to my hypnotic playground. Let me take you on this subconscious journey. Let me re-create what you deem a reality ~ you are sure to wake up with a new one.