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ALL Your Money+My Hands= Financial Balance

Hey Loser! Pay this toll:

From this day forward, you will address me as Mistress Jezzi and every dollar you make is under my control. You live only to serve me and to make sure that my life is easy and having you pay for my lifestyle is what makes my life easy.

Everything in your wallet, your credit cards, debit cards, cash even gift cards are now all in my hands and you have no choice but to deal with it.

What about your food, shelter and water? I'll release just enough funds for you to live and survive so that you can continue to make the money that I need and deserve to live in my luxury condo, drive my 2015 Audio A6, and travel 1st class to places like Belgium, Dubai, Egypt, and Fiji.

Oh your wife and kids you say...well you'll have no choice but to start turning tricks to keep them clothed and fed. But even then 75% of your earnings belong to me as well...

Call me know your money is in good hands with me.