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Hello There, Pretty Sissy Girl...You are well on your way to becoming a woman. Your body is going through strange and exciting changes, isn't it? I know that you're often confused...and you probably have a lot of questions that you're too shy, or nervous to ask anyone about. Do you wonder why your clitty feels tingly when cute boys give you attention? Are you embarrassed when you make a mess in your panties? I know that you are having naughty thoughts...and I expect you to tell me ever single one of them.

Unfortunately, your head has been filled with a lot of lies up until this point. You have been told that you were a boy, and you've been forced to dress like one. I know how exhausted you are pretending to be someone you are not. Now that I have you back, I will be undoing all of the damage that has been done to your fragile little head. I am here to guide you, to teach how to be a lady, and most importantly- what to do about those strange, sexual urges you have been experiencing. Mistress is here now, my pet. You have nothing to worry about any longer.

You aren't ready to think for yourself. You are still growing into a woman, and you need me to hold your hand through it all. You cannot trust what other people tell you, they don't have your best interest at heart. Only I do; I know that you need a way to take care of your urges, safely and effectively. Some people may call you names, like "whore" or "slut". The thing is, my Sissy Girl, sucking cock is Good for you. Mistress wants you to be happy, and I know that your happiest when your on your knees...

I will be teaching you the proper way to please a real man. Don't be afraid to show Mistress what is between your legs. I know that you have an unquenchable thirst for things considered taboo. I did when I was growing into a young lady myself. I totally understand what you are going through pet.
There are so many things that I need to teach you. Its all new, exciting, and a little bit scary. You are in a vulnerable stage in your life, Sissy. You are blossoming into a sexy woman, and you need to learn how to transition gracefully. I expect you to be on your best behavior at all times, You will learn to sit like a lady, speak like a lady, and to suck and fuck like my proud little whore. Mistress will teach you how to suck without smearing your makeup. Mistress will teach you how to dress, how to use a tampon, and how to hold yourself like a real woman. There is nothing off limits with your Mistress. I want, and expect, full disclosure. If you are naughty, I will punish you. That's only because I want the best for you.

I expect you to stay on your tip toes for me, and I take your training very seriously. I expect you to as well. I do not tolerate disobedience. I am strict because I want the best for you, my little sissy slut. When you are in session with Mistress, you will act appropriately. You will dress they way I want you to. You will do things with your body that may confuse you. You are Mine, Sissy. Your body is mine too. If I tell you to show me your no-no parts, you will do it, you will do it, because you know that you are to behave at all times. If I tell you to touch yourself for me, because you know I have a good reason.

Think I'm too good to be true? Perhaps you just need an excuse to introduce yourself ;) Either way, click the button below. For $10 I will give you one custom verification photo. I will be wearing a bra and panties, (no nudity) holding a sign with a caption of your choice. You have my permission to be creative and naughty ;)

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