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Life Coach, Motivational Talk, Women & Men

Need someone to talk to about life, relationships, advice about women and men or soul searching matters? Give me a call. Many people have a lot of questions in life that can be hard to find answers for. Either there is no one to ask or it can be very complicated. Some matters can be simple as looking at things from a different perspective by someone who has experience in life and love. I am here to help you with life's questions and search for answers. Therapy: I offer therapy sessions for a variety of issues; substance abuse, life counseling, financial troubles, marriage counseling, anxiety, addictions, and many more areas. I will always lend a kind ear to whatever it is that you need to speak to me about. Meditation: I do meditation sessions, by request, by speaking softly and slowly and helping your body relax. These sessions are very easy and do not require you to speak to me if you do not want to. I will walk you through resting your mind and body and relaxing yourself through hypnotic induction. These sessions are usually a minimum of 15 minutes long and are best experienced before bed or after a long day when you're finally home for the night and ready to kick back. Do NOT call for a meditation session while driving, on break at work, or before needing to go out and be productive. These sessions are very relaxing and usually cause drowsiness. PLEASE Let me know if this is something you are calling about or just wanting to talk/conduct therapy. Available To Chat: Mon-Fri: 7pm - 2am Sat: 9am - 1pm Sun: 5pm - 2am ================================