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The Girl Next Door With Something More...

Hi there girls and girls still frantically pretending to be boys (don't worry, I think it's kinda cute)... it's your friendly neighbourhood smouldering geeky trans lesbian who spends wayyyyyy too much time in daydream land.

The big plus of this, of course, well... you know that sweet little romantic fantasy you've been holding inside for way too long that's a little too dark or dirty to share out loud? >.> <.< I eat that up with a spoon.

I am a roleplay switch, which means, not only can I be an obliging bottom if you need it, but... well, I can be the kind of domme who knows exactly how to put a subbie in her place. And most of you from the looks of things, need very badly to be put in your place.

And how do you need to be put in your place? You might have your own ideas, but barring those, I do have a few...

Sure, there's gonna be the occasional man who thinks he can be one of my exceptions... problem is... he* finds out rather quickly... that if someone's drawing my attention for any amount of time, they probably aren't the exception... she's just subject to the rule...

And then there's the shy wannabe trans girl / cute piece of oblivious estrogen-bait who just needs someone to take the reins... not necessarily literally, but if you're itching to be a pet, I can do that too. ^^

I... like taking the harder edge off those kinks that leave you up sweating at night... teasing the line between Ew and Ooh with my big toe... you... do like toes don't you? For example, I mean, I for the life of me can't see the attraction of fin-dommes, but if that's what you want, well... I could see why... I mean... it is kinda pathetic to want a girl to get off just on the fact that you're giving her money... is that your only value? It's not even that valuable is it... I mean... you don't even make what I make per minute, do you? And you want to give it all to me and more? Just to talk to me? Heh... I guess I really am more valuable. I like the finer things in life.

*Psst!* Little secret for those of you still paying attention... you wanna know what I really love? What really makes me so utterly wet?* It's not having someone work all day to bring me money so I can enjoy myself... it's having someone work all day to please me far more directly... Literally transforming them, into a helpless, squirming, worshipful, object. So sexy that you want to get that close to me... My helpless collection of almost** immobile toys and clothing would be so incomplete without you.

So call. And see what a girl with dangerous ideas can do for you... or to you, as the case may be.

*Yes, trans girls get wet too... I can give you the guided tour if you're interested.

**Because honestly, if you weren't there as the ultimate in portable sex toys, why would I even be interested in you?

For those times you can't sleep but I already am... I have a sleepsnuggle line.