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Queen Emerald

Serve Your Queen, You Filthy Slave!

Welcome to my lair.

You are now entering my domain. Here, you are irrelevant; your desires do not matter to me. You are nothing more than a useless servant whose sole purpose is to fulfill my every wish. Everything you have is mine. Your attempts to appease me will be met with more demands. I am Queen. My appetite for your suffering will never be quenched. I am insatiable, especially when it comes to humiliating you.

You live to serve me.

As my slave, it is your privilege to obey my every command. Insubordination will not be tolerated and will result in a hefty punishment. But you are a glutton for punishment. That is why you found me. You require a firm hand under the brutal guidance of your Master.

You need to be dominated.

I fulfill you. Serving your Goddess pleases you more than anything else in your pathetic “life”. You may strive for more, but nothing will ever complete you quite the way I do. My comfort is all that matters and you will do everything possible to ensure I am content.

You have no choice.

Familiarize yourself with me. Memorize my face and body; revel in my entire essence, soak me up inside of you. Every slave must worship their Master. Every servant must bow to their Queen. Every man must covet their Goddess.

Just as you will know me, I will reciprocate this honor. You will contact me and tell me of yourself. Any inadequate correspondence will be ignored. You will put effort into our communication. Now is the time. Remove your hands from your insufficient cock. You are a filthy rutting pig and I have no use for your disgusting carnal urges. Attempt to use what is left of your inferior brain to convince me of the reasons I should accept your subservience.

Why should you be allowed the distinction of praising me?

If you are too insecure to even start a conversation, send me tributes. I will accept these until your testicles drop (if they ever do). In the event that your balls actually develop, I will delight in placing them in a vise. Among the many other acts of depravity that I imagine...

Note: I am a financial dominatrix. If you do not have money, I am not interested in you. Redirect yourself away from my page. I have no use for broke little piggies.