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Findom and Other Fetish Fun With Dutchess!

Welcome to My world...

You may call Me Dutchess. I am a 20 year old naturally dominant, full time Mistress/Domme who's into most things fun and freaky. If I had a theme song, it'd probably be "Superfreak";)

Just a few of My
favorite kinks are:

•financial domination
•foot fetish/worship
•edging instruction

I am pretty flexible when it comes to this lifestyle. I'll usually try most things at least once. Just let Me know what gets you weak and I'll take the reigns from there. I like to take a sub's desires, and My experience, and personal touch, and craft it into a perfect fantasy. Like a snowflake, no two are ever alike. I also love to hear about your dirty little secrets, and real life experiences. Tell Me about how you snuck away to masturbate after you caught your wife sucking someone else's cock... In your bed! Been pegged by your ex girlfriend's cousin's friend? I want to hear all about that, too.

I can be a ruthless bitch, or sweet, sensual, but still always in charge- or perhaps, even somewhere in between. Which side you will see, depends mostly on you. Either way, I'm sure I'll have you on your knees, ready to submit to My every command, as you slowly fall deeper under My spell. So give Me a call. I'll be looking forward to making you squirm.

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and for My fellow financial fetishists...

What is it that really gets Me going? You guessed it- Money. I know that's no rarity around here, with all the girls trying to pay their college tuitions. But, today you have the honor of being in the presence of a true financial fetishist. It's not the money itself. After all, we tend to forget that it's simply pieces of paper. For Me, it's the feeling of power. The freedom to do whatever I can afford; because face it: in the world we live in today, money and power have come to share the same meaning. So for those of you who do share My biggest kink... and you know who you are (oink) ;) Just let Me know, and I'll take you on a financial rollercoaster that will blow your fucking mind.

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