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Goddesssvicky wants to humiliate you

I am Goddesssvicky I've been a Domme for 7 years I was 19 when I had my first sub. It was a 3 month old virtual relationship where he will pay for my cell phone bill in exchange for my ruthless talking mouth. Mind fuck humiliation etc. I would make him fuck his ass hole until I was satisfied and he'd cum just me telling him He's my slave. He was willing to pay for more but my parents would get suspicious. Mind Fuck Princess Kelly Sunshine Bratty Mind Fuck Financial Domination Princess - Your Most Intense Addiction REAL TIME SESSIONS TRIBUTE CLIPS PHOTOS PayPal RATES Assignments Be My Slave – Fetishes That I like. I turn Myself on more than anyone else ever could. I love dominating weak bitches like you, and I’m fucking good at it, too. My site has more free jerk off material than you even deserve, so read up on what makes Me hot. If you want to discuss more, send a tribute! I will not tolerate time wasters. Give Me a call through NiteFlirt and I also use Skype combined with phone sex. I offer phone sex chat, live webcam shows, custom and pre-recorded femdom, fetish and tease clips, typed chat and email assignments. VIP SLAVES join , behave and will receive even more personalized attention. PREMIUM Slaves: you will receive special attention also but you be ignored. What kind of kinky slave bitch are you? Here are some of My favorite fetishes: Financial Domination – Pay Pig, Human ATM, Cash Slut, Wallet Rape You find extreme satisfaction and fulfillment in handing over all your hard earned cash. Why should I have to work when I have losers like you to do it for Me? I live the Princess Life while you slave away. You are so lucky to have the chance to pay for My glamorous lifestyle! I enjoy meticulously controlling your budget, cradling your life in My hands and totally controlling how you live. Better yet, let Me FUCK your wallet and drain every penny you have! I am cruel, greedy and have no fucking limits. I want it all, and I am never satisfied. Foot Fetish – Foot Slave, Stockings & Socks Addict, High Heel Worship You kiss the ground I walk on, crawling behind my soft, beautiful size 10 feet. Begging for the chance to taste, lick, suck & smell my perfect toes and sexy soles. Worship, spoil and pamper My feet. Pay for My pedicures and foot massages, buy Me heels, socks, stockings and nail polish. Humiliation – Small Penis Humiliation, Cum Eating Instruction, Strap On Training, Forced Bi, Public Humiliation, Verbal Abuse What could be better than putting you in your place with a heavy dose of SHAME?! I can’t believe the degrading, humiliating things I get you freaks to do for Me. If we end our session with you red in the face, totally mortified and embarrassed, or better yet – crying, I’ve done My job. Forced Intox – Drunk and High Weak Fucking Idiot Wow, loser. You’re stupid weak enough as it is. Once I force a substance on you on top of that, whether it be alcohol, poppers or weed, the possibilities for My taking advantage of you are literally endless. Until you pass out like a little bitch, that is. You’ll wake up the next day, totally drained of all your cash and your pride. You are so fucking dumb. It just feels so good to lose control. Sissification & Feminization – Sissy Slut, Dress Up Doll, Bimbo, Whore Who’s a good little slut for Princess? Is that you? Let Me turn you into the best whore you can be. Satin panties, sheer stockings, lacy lingerie, stripper heels, red lipstick, shiny nail polish, tight miniskirts, push up bras, feminine wigs, maybe even a new ass or breast implants! Of course once I have you looking pretty as ever, I’m going to make SURE you become totally addicted to cock and cum. After all, that’s what whores are good for! Chastity – Locked Up Loser How many hours do you waste each day, tugging at your useless dick, when you could be serving Me? You need to be trained and controlled. The best and easiest way for Me to exert My power over you is to completely control your cock and your orgasms. Pleasing Me will be your #1 priority. Blackmail – Exploited and Owned Blackmailed Bitch Do you need a bit of pure terror in your life? There’s nothing like having a powerful Goddess holding your life and reputation in her hands! It’s so easy for Me to seduce and manipulate personal information and secrets out of you. Will you be able to please Me? Or will I tell the world what a fucking pervert you are?! Maybe I’ll call your wife, your boss, or even your mom! Better hope you have your payments ready as soon as I demand! Cuckold An incompetent excuse of a man like you definitely isn’t getting laid. You already know you’ll never be good enough for Me. I still enjoy keeping you around just for the thrill of teasing you. Humiliating you with the real men I choose to sleep with, allowing you to live vicariously through My sex life as an obedient cuckold. Maybe I’ll lock you up in chastity, unable to even stroke as I force you to watch Me moan in pleasure while My lovers makes me orgasm over and over. If you’re good I might let you lick up the mess, but that’s the most you’ll ever even dream of getting! Understand it is your job to pay for My dates and the sexy outfits I wear on them. Hypnosis, Mind Fuck, Mind Control and Brainwashing Every time you talk to Me I am subtly rewiring your thoughts. Your life will revolve around Me, and you will become addicted, whether the process is a slow growing obsession or an immediate full blown mind fuck. Mind games are My favorite type to play. Getting inside your head is easy for Me and I have many tricks up My sleeve… You have been warned.