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Your Money, Your Manhood & Your Mind are all Mine.

Findom is not spending money on Me and expecting something in return. This is not quid pro quo, where I must give you X, because you give Me Y. I owe you nothing. It is about dedicating your money, mind and manhood to an experienced Financial Domme who demands a slave who is willing and able to do Her bidding, and who takes pleasure in doing so. It is about purchasing what you are told to, when you are told to, how you are told to. It is about sending gifts and tributes without being asked, because it pleases you to attempt to please Me. It is about being used at My leisure, on My terms. You will learn to take care of your own financial needs so that the rest is available to Me to use as I wish.

Findom is the ultimate means of surrender and submission because money, my pet, is what makes the world go ‘round. Your wallet serves as the strings that I, the Puppet Master, draw from at my will and make you, my puppet, dance. Whips and cuffs in a dungeon are child’s play. FinDom is, thusly, a very deep, intense, and intimate form of submission. This is a means to submit when your busy lifestyle wouldn't otherwise permit it, to be able to be in a different country, across the other side of the world and still be fully dominated and controlled. Most men measure their success by how much money they have, and the only thing most have going for them is their money. Therefore, they do not deserve to keep it.

You are no different.

This is the beginning of the end.
The end of your wandering from stable to stable in search of fulfilment…
The end of meaninglessness and despair…
The end of your own way and will…
The end of yourself as you know it.
Welcome to the new beginning of your new self and Mistress Black.
A selfless purpose outside of your own deviant thoughts and sins…
Be broken so I may build and mold you into a life of endless cruel joys and submit to my divine satisfaction.
My dominion welcomes all who come wholeheartedly and humble with a true understanding of genuine submission.
You are permitted to give me a proper and polite introduction.