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SPH Humilitrix For Guys With Little Dix!

Humiliation + Dominatrix=Humilitrix

You Are A Beta-male Submissive
There is no question about it, you can now see it in black and white. So face the truth; you are a low level male who needs an alpha-dom to control you, and allow you to serve in the many ways that only a loser like you can.

Humiliation therapy requires me to ruin you by chipping away little by little at your already fragile and delicate psyche. Shaming you for your deviant sexual desires, so that you're literally and figuratively naked and exposed. You love when I degrade, belittle, and denigrate you, because humiliation is what you truly deserve, and desire.

You are useless as a man, that's why I make you do the most humiliating things just for the mere pleasure of making you feel like a pussy faced bitch! So that when our session is over you'll still hear my voice in your head reminding you how pathetic and useless you are.

Wake,Stroke,Work,and Live for Goddess Cherry

I'm sadistic and I really get off when I cause you emotional and/or physical pain. As a below-beta bottom finding ways to please Me and make Me happy will be your constant thought. Meaning, if I want you to suck my boyfriend's cock you'll do it; if I want you to rubber band your balls while shoving a brush handle up your ass, you'll do it; if I want you to lick my filthy ass and then swallow, you'll do it; and if I want your hard earned money, you'll give to me. Get the picture? Then don't waste my time.

If you're ready to submit to ebony Goddess Cherry, then make the decision to call me now, because you call, that'll be the last decision I let you make tonight.

And Don't Forget To Tip, Loser!