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That's my name, And I am sure you will figure out why.
If your into soft bullshit, fuck off; I AM NOT THE GIRL FOR YOU.
I bet you are playing with your teeny tiny little Winnie again like the true loser you are? Go ahead admit it I know that you are pulling on it doing your best to stretch it, hoping that this time it will get bigger. Pathetic.

Deep down you know its hopeless you will always be a pathetic little dick loser boy. Good for nothing but my amusement. I will treat you like the idiot you are.

What is it that you asked? Will I let you fuck me?? hahah.... fat chance, pin prick! Have you been playing with your marbles again. Do you really think that I would ever let you touch me with that little anal thermometer. Think again loser boy. I will call my girlfriends up and invite her over to laugh at you.

Yes you can be the joke at the dinner table. I will tell everyone about your teeny tiny Winnie and laugh in your face. We will have everyone staring at you and laughing at you.

Want to make me laugh? It's about all you're good for, pervert! Just a warning, I'm a bit of a bitch, I can be very mean and relentless to losers like you. Think you can handle it?