Phone Sex

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Admit it. You've been a very VERY bad little PIGLET

You can't help it, can you? Your simple little brain can't grasp the idea that you possess little more control than a soggy limp dick French Fry when it comes to Money. Your fat pigskinned wallet is getting heavier and harder to hold these days. Tsk, tsk...

Poor little oinksome Albino Flesh, LOSER!

YOU need correction. YOU need relief. YOU need your wallet to feel light again. No, What you NEED is to send me my Tribute immediately silly thing. You wanted a FinDomme AND a FemDomme rolled into one, and you have found her. After all, pretending to be an 'alpha' male can be hard work for the spineless and gherkin-dicked rich boys like yourself. I am THE BLACK QUEEN, and as thus, I am much more qualified to wear the crown AND the pants than you.

So LOSER, are YOU done behaving like a little bitch now? Are you FINALLY done screwing people for a change? Then bend your tail over and prepare to receive me like a good, obedient little porker.

You will march your pampered little ass over to the phone and call me to await further instruction. I ought to chain you to your pen and flog you for your naughty ways, but I will have to settle for punishing your gluttonous change purse. Don't ask me to 'blackmail' you your bitchness, I don't have time for that.

If you cannot reach me you will IMMEDIATELY make a tribute of no less than $50 USD or GBP and purchase clips from my goodies page if you have not done so already. Here's my list. You may get me something listed here or one of the gift cards: Check Back for Updates to Goodie Bag and Tribute Wish List. A Tribute who invests handsomely will be rewarded with his very own custom clip with a personal message from Domina BB. This applies to a item or gift card purchase valued over $200 USD or more

***Warning, if you offer me a cheap $50 tribute, I retain the right to ignore the shit out of you. IF you tribute no more $50, just go on and call my fucking Ignore Line and be gone until you get your 'bitch purse' in order. I don't have time for your cheap piglet shenanigans. I have a Kingdom to run and subs to flog and subjugate. ***

Further, if you have had the sheer luck of snagging a wife or girlfriend, you will match my tribute with an equal tribute to spoil her, right now... or in the near future. The poor woman has your pig ass to contend with.

If you have children or living, and loving parents, you will make time for them without looking like a total train wreck.

And when ANY woman enters a room, you will go out of your way to demonstrate behavior befitting of a gentlemen and not a PIG. You will open yourself to faith, respect all people, give to charity and perform acts of kindness in lieu of the excess you will sacrifice. You WILL get your shit together for the sake of the species...

... and for my personalized corrective instruction, you will indeed continue to tribute to me handsomely, because unlike the rest of your world, I have the balls to listen to your confused nonsense spew....

and we both know PayPigs like you shouldn't think too hard.

That's what your Queen Mistress is for. So, OBEY Pig.

Yours Truly,

Domina BB

The Boss.