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Dr Elle Rowan PhD Sex Talk

Dr. Elle Rowan, PhD Expert in Sex Addiction

Hello OR Welcome Back (as you should know, one call is never enough). I'm glad you found your way here as you already know this is the only place you should be in your state of mind. My Title to this listing is not intended to be demeaning but purely factual as I know you are nothing like the man you tried to become and put forth all of the effort, and more, than others to get where you are today. Yet, the void grows and your appetite for something that will satiate a deep desire for meaningful intimacy that takes place in the form of a new love as you too laugh and share life stories all night long, sex isn't even the goal but the bonus perhaps! Now you wonder...will I ever feel that again? Married or not, we all long for the way it feels to be given the time of day. Some flavors manifest in interesting ways. For further clarification, please read on...

Not to compete but you must admit that you are intrigued (if you have an intellectual edge that is) - No woman rakes in that kind of cash without being everything you had finally given up on. There simply is not a woman on this earth that possesses BRAINS, BEAUTY, and the CONFIDENCE to be a cool, calm and collected mastermind that is both manipulative (can't fault me there, I'm a Psychologist you little goody goody ;) )

My career as a human sexuality evaluation specialist is a field that is both stigmatized, receives next to nothing in government funding, has the highest rate of relapse of any addiction currently recognized in the DSM-V, and treatment options are either unsuccessful or humiliating to the client in some way. That is why I have created my own method of treating sex addiction and while it is not a treatment approach that is recognized by anyone in the field, I feel that it is for the best for now. The ethical controversy over such an unorthodox approach would have the American Psychological Association raising their brow. Don't worry, if after your screening interview I feel you would be a good candidate, I will move forward with the treatment. I am the only one who can offer you what it is you that what I'm saying? Of course not :) I am merely informing your curious mind that I'm the only one who can offer what you NEED. You have no idea what you need. I do. Shall we talk about it? The truth can be hard but more often than not, what a relief to know someone as uncensored and educated as yours truly can, better than you ever could on your own.

It is often said that when one is "in recovery" from an addiction, it's a mere facade. Bragging rights to their naive and confidence starved ego. Are they happy? One's state of mind is a mere illusion and one addiction only subsides so that another can take it's place.

I'm a conversational genius who keeps you on edge, but don't worry...I won't let go.