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Welcome to MeanGirls2.
MeanGirls2 is exactly the same as the original MeanGirls, - we are best friends that live together and delight in destroying your pathetic little loser egos.

When you call, you are welcome to send us pictures if you like, and they may even end up on our Wall of Shame.
At this point we feel we should tell you:
Anything you say to us, or email to us on Niteflirt can and will be used against you on a MeanGirls humiliation phone sex call.
Even if you're not on cam, don't think for a moment that we're not listening to everything you say.

We listen to all the naughty thoughts and fantasies you tell us, and we have no problem with using whatever we know about you to humiliate, degrade, debase, and to laugh at you on a phone sex call.
We will use anything and everything you say as a weapon to twist into your heart and your very psyche.
It gives us the warm-and-fuzzies.
We may act all sweet and cute and giggly at first? But that is just because we want you to let your guard drop, so that you'll tell us things ... lots of humiliating things! ... that we can use against you.
We're about as cute and sweet as the Spanish Inquisition.
And nobody expects that.
Here are some of our favorite fetishes that we are knowledgeable of and offer. If you don't see what you'd like to discuss on our list, you may email us and ask.
Humiliation ~ Forced Cocksucking ~ Forced Cum-eating ~ Making you a sissy slut ~ Lingerie ~ Foot and leg worship ~ Ass-worship ~ Strap-on play ~ Tease and denial ~ Chastity ~ Being a size queen ~ Small penis humiliation ~ CFNM ~ Guided Masturbation ~ JOI ~ Ruined Orgasms ~ Anal Play for you ~ Faggotizing Lessons ~ Sadistic Torture ~ Power Play ~ Full examinations ~ Measurements ~ Probes and sounds ~ CBT ~ Prostate Milking ~ Forced cum-eating ~ Restraints/Straightjackets ~ Sadistic Medical Experimentation ~ Medical Interrogation and Torture ~ EST ~ Tens units ~ Forced Feminization ~ Torture Porn ~ Hormone Treatments ~ Body Modification ~ Implants ~ Asphyxiation ~ Forced Feeding
Here is what we WILL NOT DO, SO DON'T ASK
Cum for you. Yes we do get excited by humiliating losers but you don't deserve to hear us cum.
Play with each other.
Give out free minutes or pictures. Unless you're a good boy. Then we'll see.
We also have lots of audios and interactive goodies and PTVs for you, if you are too scared to talk to us in person.
Or just miss us when we're not online. Or you want to tribute us for the goddesses you know us to be. You can find those all on these listings:
MeanGirls Humiliation MP3's and Goodies
MeanGirls Interactive Goodies and PTV's
MeanGirls Audio Teasers
All excited now and need some release for your humiliation fetish?

What are you waiting for? Give us a call!

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