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Lucretia's Anal Sex with an Evil Twist Line


So you like anal sex, eh partner? You like to stick your useless cock up some woman's ass and just plow away, don't you? Makes you feel all manly and dominant, doesn't it?
Well, you can forget that shit! If a man ever tried to pork my butt with his stupid noodle, he'd probably wind up dickless or worse! No way!
If you call my line for anal sex, it means a totally different thing. So unless you like the idea of me wearing a huge strapon cock and shoving it up your nether region, you should skip this listing. However, if you happen to be one of those guys with a secret desire for a woman to take YOU anally, I'm your woman. I especially love a nice tight virgin male ass!

Look enticing? What size would you prefer? BAHAHAHAHA!!! You get no choice, sucker! But hey, I might let you lube it up first by sucking on it for me! Call me now with your secret little desire to be taken a woman....after all, there is no shame in admitting the truth!
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