Phone Sex

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Lucretia here. I want to expand upon female superiority for a bit.... are you listening??? You better be! Here's the thing: you men are a bunch of sick pervies who call phone sex operators to get your miserable, tiny, shriveled rocks off. Do women call men for phone sex? Not for the most part. Oh yeah, I know there are a few;. But you can bet whatever they call about, it's not like talking to a man, and it's a totally different experience. You guys are ALL ALIKE in a very fundamental way. I've thought about it, and I think I know why we women are so superior. It's the goddam testosterone! You guys are full of it! It makes you do stupid things and say stupid things, all in a quest for pussy! A grown up mature woman does NOT do the stupid things men do. And most of you have really twisted fantasies! Even though you may strut around acting like a big he-man in your public life, so many of you out there REALLY want a woman to take you and control you and kick the shit out of you! I am more than happy to oblige you in this twisted desire of yours. I love having control over a man's erection and his mind, and I don't have a problem humiliating you, either. Men are inferior creatures and women like me know it.