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Listen up, chumps! You're calling a Mature line...Don't bother if you're expecting a college aged girlie-girl with a sweet voice and a submissive attitude. Don't call this line if you expect me to be a submissive little phone slut allowing YOU to have dominion over ME. NOBODY controls Lucretia!

I'm among the most evil women around, and I'm usually in a nasty mood. The title should tell you something.

So be ready. I'm just naturally not given to being nice, most of the time. I don't mind if you ask me for advice because most men need some guidance, anyway. If I can teach some of you younger guys that women are superior, so much the better! I follow my own moods, and that determines everything. If I feel like it, I'll laugh at you, make fun of your cock and maybe even your wife or relatives! And maybe that's just what you like...maybe. If it isn't, guess what? TOUGH SHIT!! If the mood strikes me, I may simply hang up on you. So try not to say anything really stupid, k? Don't lie to me, either, shithead! It will get you absolutely nowhere.

So call me now, and be prepared to leave your ego at the door. I've been expecting you...

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